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Animal Rights Moonbats/Thugs love to brag about all the good they are doing for the Animal Kingdom, when in reality they are breaking the law, hurting people, destroying property and acting like little spoiled brats who cry and having temper tantrums when things don' t go their way.

So this addition to the Animal Rights Thugs website will track all the news about the terrorist acts that they are performing on daily basis in the name of Animal Rights.

Ecoterrorists probed on the hill (NewsMax)

Alf takes credit in LSU lab breakin

FBI investigating radical animal welfare group (Newsday)

Osbourne infuriates animal rights activists with pink dog

Wrongdoing for a cause? (NY)

Animal rights activist arrested after 7 years (CA)

Second suspect charged in BYU arson (UT)

PETA’s Non-Apology Apology
The group still equates animal killings to the Holocaust.


Animal rights activists or thugs?

House targets ecology 'terrorists'

Ecoterrorism: Extremism in the Animal Rights and Environmentalist Movements

Animal rights extremists face five years in jail

International Respect for Chickens Day - Don't Miss this Article From Moonbat Land - Proof that in Moonbat Land an IQ is not required.

Hostile Grackles Attack People in Houston

How PETA Indoctrinates Your Kids

Animal Welfare Activists More Aggressive

Reject foie gras jihadists

Nazi-Type Thugs Destroy Medical Research

Animal rights activists .. or thugs?


Arson Destroys 12 New Md. Homes
30 Empty Houses Damaged in Subdivision That Is Subject of Environmental Dispute

PETA's Latest Anti-Human Campaign

PETA Kills Animals - Over 1,000 in 2003 Alone - See Graph Table

PETA Employees Face 31 Felony Animal-Cruelty Charges for Killing, Dumping Dogs

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - The Other Side of the Story - Read the Stories Behind Activists Organizations

Animal - The Truth About Peta and Other Animal Rights Extremists

Activists Face Jail For Refusing To Testify In ELF Arson Inquiry

Animal Rights Extremists Still in Business

Animal Rights Activist Gets 'Escape Plan' In Mail At Dane County Jail

Outrage on the green

Servants -- and Weapons -- of War
U.S. forces rely on dogs to detect bombs in Iraq. Terrorists rig them with explosives.

Stop Urban Adulticide Mosquito Spraying
This is a must-read article - the Animal Rights Moonbats are trying to stop pesticide spraying on mosquitos that transmit the West Nile Virus- Yes protect the bugs that kill humans.

PETA vs. Alzheimer's Victims

Pawlenty rejects PETA `fish empathy' request

F.B.I. Watched Activist Groups, New Files Show

PETA Tells Kids to Run From Daddy

PETA's Ties to Terrorism

PETA Pam Pelts Carnivores

People for the Exploitation of Terrorized African-Americans

PETA: We’re cool with test-tube meat

Pop Tarts: Exclusive: Not So Earth-Friendly? Activists Attack Al Gore

The War on Brigitte Bardot







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