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It was quite easy to search the Internet and find quite a bit of information, including pictures, on Hindi. He seems to enjoy the spotlight (can you say narcissism), almost to the extent that he thrives on it. Again, because of this behavior, I really have a tendency to wonder how much time and energy he devotes to animal causes. From my experience, owning livestock and caring for them requires lots of time, energy and money.

The very first thing I find quite interesting about Hindi is that he is an ex-hunter. Seems at one time he hunted all kinds of animals including, sharks. In 1985, He caught a 7 1/2 foot long, 230 pount Mako Shark. After a 5-hour struggle with the shark, he got it into his boat and then shot it with a .357 caliber Magnum pistol, which is not uncommon when one hunts sharks. One day on his way to the East Coast for a shark hunt, Hindi stopped at a pigeon shoot. Hindi claims that he experienced some sort of revelation and at first decided to stop what he called unlike sportsmanship practices. This revelation however, turned into his decision that hunting was bad and it became his mission in life to stop it and any other form of "so-called" abuse of animals. Hindi went as so far as wanting to conduct a prize fight between the pigeon shoot organizer and himself. The winner would get to decided the fate of the shoot. Using violence to get your point across. Typical Animal Activist using violence and intimidation to get there way. Damn, the law and one's right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. By the way the pigeon shoot Hindi tried to stop was operating within the confines of the law.

You might find this shocking, but Hindi has spent time in jail. In 1996, Hindi and his animal activists gang members decided to try and stop a legal hunting business. Hindi and his gang used bull horns and sirens to disrupt hunting activities at The Wood Stock Hunt Club in Illinois. This club was owned by a man named Earl Johnson who was leasing the land from the State of Illinois and conducting the hunts within confines of the law. Of course, this means nothing to Hindi and his gang, who obviously have no respect for the law or a person's right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Naturally, Hindi did not act within the confines of the restraining order against him and used a light air-craft to fly into the hunting area to scare the geese away. What a loon. Obviously the hunters had the ability to restrain and not shoot this lunatic out of the sky. The owner of the club had to refund hunting fees for that day because of Hindi. Because Hindi broke the LAW, he ended up in jail for 180 days without bond for contempt of court. Protesting his confinement, Hindi went on a hunger strike (like anyone cared). He was eventually let out on a $50,000 bond with stipulation that Hindi stay 1,000 feet from the Hunt Club - this included air space. The owner of the club, Earl Johnson, died shortly thereafter of a heart attack. Thanks Steve, your contribution to humanity is beyond merit. Oh, by the way, the ACLU was part of his defense team. You know the organization that can find abortion, secularism, same-sex marriage and the right of illegal aliens to vote in the Constitution, but can find the right to bear arms in the Constitution. In case some ACLU lawyer reads this, the right to bear arms is in the second amendment - you know, that second amendment that guarantees the First Amendment and the Third through the Twenty-Seventh Amendment.

Hindi is a quite a typical activist. Seems that Hindi can intimidate, harass, and break the law to get his way, but if someone does something to him, he cries foul and threatens lawsuits. Hindi was one of the Animal Activist gangs who tried to stop the rodeo during the Summer Olympics in Utah. Seems that one of the Committee members called poor Hindi a terrorist. I guess Hindi got his feelings hurt and filed a defamation lawsuit. Here is a person who has called Linda Budrick a liar and people around rodeos thugs and animal abusers. Hindi eventually dropped his lawsuit, because guess what, it was a baseless, ignorant lawsuit.

Another interesting fact about Hindi that I found in one of the articles below, is that he became so dedicated to stopping hunting that he changed his dietary habits and became a vegan. However, according to the article below, that only lasted for a while and then he stopped his vegan diet. So one can assume from this statement that he continues to eat meat. Can you say hypocrisy.

The most significant information I found about Hindi is his personal life. He readily admits that he has been thrown into jail many times and that his activism lead to the break of his marriage, which he has two daughters. However, he feels okay about this because his wife found Christianity and has forgiven him. What more can be said, but this is not an honorable man and his actions speak louder than words.

Below are links to articles about Hindi and his criminal activities, and reference for the information above.

Saving the animals one step at a time
By Garrett Ordower Daily Herald Staff Writer
Posted Sunday, February 29, 2004

Hindi's Criminal Activities at The Wood Stock Hunt Club

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