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Since I am a strong supporter of the First Amendment - especially the part about free speech, I have decided in all fairness that I should give the Animal Activist's fair and balanced web time on this web site. Funny thing about the First Amendment, however, is that there is no clause preventing one from making a complete imbecile of themselves while practicing their First Amendment Rights.

So read on and enjoy the entertainment of the Animal Activists - seems like they have more time to surf web sites and pick fights than they do in caring for animals. I am sure that these malicious posting do a world of good for animals.

12/06/04 18:14:34 GMT
Name: Claire McIntyre MY URL: Visit Me

My Email: Email Me Location: Eugene, OR

I just got back from a weekend in Las Vegas. Seems there was a cowboy convention going on judging from the number of drunk cowboys on the street. As we were driving down Tropicana we even saw one on the median waving his exposed and undersized genitalia around for all of the world to see. I have never seen such a gaggle of degenerate Neanderthals in all of my life. I heard that there is a cowboy code of ethics. What a joke! You not only beat up animals for profit, you are drunkards and sex perverts too.


12/06/04 04:53:05 GMT
Name: Camille Blassingame MY URL: Visit Me

My Email: Email Me Location: Prairie City, Iowa

I think you should be ashamed of yourselves for running this bogus website trying to convince people that rodeo is okay. It's not okay. I went to one not that long ago. An animal was hurt so badly it couldn't get out of the arena on its own. It had to be carted out. A guy who was supposedly a vet (I doubt it) came out, looked at it from about 3 ft. away, and walked away. After it was carted off, it was dumped in the back and left to die. It was not even euthanized. I know because I went and checked about an hour later. If that guy was really a vet, a lot of good it did that animal. You people don't care about animals. You only care about using them to make a quick buck! And not only that, this "family entertainment" was full of sexist and off-colored jokes. I also object to the fact that it was used as a pro Bush rally. Where do you get off shoving your political agenda down the throats of the audience? The people around me said that this is standard rodeo stuff. Based on everything else I saw, I have no reason to doubt it. You people are sickening across the board.


And here's more as these Animal Activists Thugs continue to prove my point over and over again. They would rather incite fights, use violence and act like children then protect any animals. Their childish ranting's and their insulting, baseless, and ignorant postings just keep on coming. They just keep on biting and biting!!! The attention that they pour on me is unbelievable!!! My Fan Club.

Presenting more intelligent acumen from Pat Vinet, the 5,000 to 6,000 volt activist and evidence of a lonely, meaningless, desolate life:


12/16/04 22:22:31 GMT
Name: Pat Vinet MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me
Location: Ubiquitous
SHARK is pleased to annouce the following additon to the Marianne Beaureguard section of "Rodeo Thugs Lash Out." Check out the WHOLE story at ???? Since we posted this correspondence, Marianne Beaureguard has redone her website just for us. You can check it out at: http:// animalrightsthugs.htm. Poor Mayella. Her cognitive and creative abilities are so limited, she had to borrow the term "thugs" from the very people she's attacking! Anyway, once you click on "Animal Rights Thugs," you will discover that she ranks Steve Hindi #1, Pat Vinet #2, and Adolph Hitler #3. (???!!!) Click on Steve's name, and you will see that her ranting revolves around a single theme: Hindi is a criminal because he has broken the law. We at SHARK find this ironic because if you click "Harry and Bertha Rowell" on Maybell's home page, you will find that Harry Rowell was a British Royal Navy deserter! Harry is glorified on this website. We at SHARK wonder if the intellectually challenged Mayella Beaureguard has ever considered that military desertion is a very serious crime. During wartime, it is an offense punishable by death. We don't know how she reconciles her mindless support for law and order with the felonious misdeed of the sanctified Harry Rowell. Regarding Steve's misdemeanor offenses committed to help and protect animals, we would ask Marijuana if she's familiar with the words of Mahatma Gandhi: "An unjust law is itself a species of violence. Arrest for its breach is more so." Maybell reading Gandhi? Okay, we're just kidding. Anyway, Mayella has posted a few of the messages we wrote to her. What you will find glaringly absent, however, is any of hers to us. Could it be that Marijuana Beaureguard doesn't want her readers to see just how stupid, hysterical, and illiterate they are? That's alright. Anybody who's interested can always get them all right here

Okay - so the Animal Rights Moon bats were at it again and of all times, during the holidays. Lonely, desolate people, guess the only friend they have is their computer and the Internet during the holidays. So, here we have another enthralling, drive-by guest book signing by member of the shark gang, Pauline. By the way, click on the link below to a very unique video of an Orca Whale killing and eating (maybe the Animal Rights Moon bats can convince the Orca Whale to become a vegan) in order to protect her young calf, and to teach her calf who the bad guys are, the sharks, and what do to with them - kill them and eat them.

Clash of the titans: Whale vs. Shark

Anyway looks like Pauline, shark girl, has proved my point again: Animal Rights Activists really don't care about animals, they care about inciting violence, harassment and yes, ignorance. The following drive-by guest book signing is below:

12/30/04 03:51:00 GMT
Name: Pauline Champion MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me
Location: Norfolk, VA
Hey Maybelline, I checked out your guest book and website a few weeks ago and you were going on about nasty cowboys and cowgirls with their minds in the dung heap using your guest book as a place to get together and meet up and what not. You said you were going to rip those messages out just as fast as they went up. Well, I'm back and I see you missed one. Let me tell you how to go about finding it. First, you have to know how to read. Second, you have to read each of the messages left in the guest book. Third, you have to THINK. Now that's the hard part, Maybelline, but if you try real hard, even you can do it. Think of it as one of life's big challenges to be met and mastered. One more question. Why doesn't Linda Burdick police this site? I'll bet she could find the only funny and halfway interesting message in the guest book way faster than you.

So we now know that the shark Moon bats were posting the obscene and pornographic cowboy/cowgirl postings on my guest book. Obviously my web site infuriates them so much that they continue to harass it with their juvenile, drive-by guest book postings. The shark gang has nothing better to do with their lonely, desolate lives. How sad for them and the animals whose rights they supposedly claim "to protect". There are many animal shelters looking for volunteers and money to help. Clearly it is okay in sharkland to harass people, but when the tables turn and sharkland motives are questioned, the sharkies can't handle it.

The posting that Pauline claims I "missed" was "missed" intentionally. Yes, shark Moon bats, this was more bait for you. You shark girls just are like Timex Watches - you take a licking and keep on ticking. Here, again, is the obscene posting courtesy of the sharkland Moon bats who claim that they protect animal rights:

12/10/04 03:50:02 GMT
Name: Curtis Ewell MY URL: Visit Me

My Email: Email Me Location: Van Horn, TX

I have spent most of my life working in the saddle. I sure enjoyed your webcite. Even after sitting in a saddle all day theres' nothing I like more than a cold six pack or two, busting a few steers then sometimes having my way with some of the cows. I thank God for people like you who are protecting our precous western heritage and values.

These shark gals seem to have some big issues with pornography, obscenity and male anatomy. I guess their obsession with cattle prods and 5,000 to 6,000 volts says it all. Lonely, and very desperate shark girls.

More Animal Rights Moon bats trying to pose as Cowboys, Ranchers and supporters of rodeo and trying to be my "Friend". More Animal Rights Moon bats that obviously have more time on their hands. Again - animal shelters are always looking for volunteer (that means you don't get paid, you do it because you "care" about animals). So let's help Maw Maw here, because she is in desperate need of it. There are companies in hundreds of cities across the United States who are in the business of catching the feral pigeons in cities who are destroying buildings. The captured pigeons are then sold to people who put on pigeon shoots. I have received a couple of emails from people who actually do this for a living in the Bay Area. But tell you what Maw Maw, I will make sure that they get Steve Hindi, the shark gals, and your email address and they can ship these feral pigeons to all of you Shark Moon bats and you can start putting your time and money where your drive-by guest book signings are and take care of these flying rats. Let's see if you can walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

01/07/05 00:54:53 GMT
Name: Beverly Carlson MY URL: Visit Me

My Email: Email Me Location: Sugarland, Texas

I just want to say I have gone through your website and I enjoyed it very much. Coming from a ranching family I can relate. It was real nice about your family origins and all. Just one thing I would like to point out to you. I hope you don’t take it the wrong way. I get the impression reading some of the things you write that you don’t take it very well when someone disagrees. Anyway here it is – The fact of it is they don’t use pigeons off of the street at pigeon shoots. They are bred and raised to be shot. If you ever went to the city and you didn’t see anybody going around with a butterfly net catching pigeons and putting them in boxes, that is why. They don’t need to. They get the pigeons from pigeon breeders. I wouldn’t even bring it up but I hate for you nice people to make fools of yourselves especially with those animal lovers writing you. Please don’t blame the messanger. It’s better that you hear it from me than from those other people. Beverly Carlson Aka Maw Maw Bev to family and friends

So the Moon bats are back again and this time they are purposely doing damage to my guest book account. A portion of it is below. The Shark Moon bats just keep on proving my point - Animal Rights is not there objective, but violence, harassment and complete disregard for the LAW.

01/08/05 06:12:11 GMT
Name: fjkdjdkfj jfdjdk MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me
Location: jfkdjfkadjfkdjfkhdfjhs
VEHICLE CODE SECTION 1650-1685.1 1650. The director shall administer and enforce the provisions of this code relating to the department. 1651. (a) The director may adopt and enforce rules and regulations as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this code relating to the department. (b) Rules and regulations shall be adopted, amended, or repealed in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act (Chapter 3.5 (commencing with Section 11340) of Part 1 of Division 3 of Title 2 of the Government Code). 1651.2. Whenever in the judgment of the department, any person has engaged, or is about to engage, in any acts or practices that constitute, or will constitute, an offense against Division 5 (commencing with Section 11100) by engaging in any act subject to license requirements without having obtained a license, the department may apply to the appropriate court for an order enjoining the acts or practices, and, upon showing by the department that the person has engaged, or is about to engage, in any of those acts or practices, an injunction, restraining order, or other order that may be appropriate shall be granted by the court, including the costs incurred by the department in obtaining the order. 1651.3. It is the policy of this state to recognize the training and experience that individuals gain while serving in the armed forces of the United States. In furtherance of this policy, the department, in conjunction with the military services of the United States, shall develop policies to assist persons who are leaving active duty to obtain commercial driver's licenses. These policies shall not waive any requisites, fees, or examinations required by law for a commercial driver's license. These policies shall specify how this training and experience may be used to obtain these licenses. The department shall consult with the Department of Veterans Affairs before adopting these policies. The department shall perform the duties required by this section within existing budgetary resources of the agency within which the department operates. 1651.5. The director may assign or reassign dates for the expiration of registration for any vehicles registered pursuant to this code. The director may establish a registration year for any vehicle consisting of any period from seven months to 18 months, inclusive, with subsequent renewals being required at yearly intervals thereafter.

So Moon bat Maw Maw, part of the shark gang, is back. As we can see, she is a little upset. Let's see, Maw Maw wrote the following in her first drive-by guest book posting:

I get the impression reading some of the things you write that you don’t take it very well when someone disagrees - Posted by Maw Maw January 7, 2005.

And below is her new posting - maybe Maw Maw needs to look in a mirror and see how well she takes when someone disproves her unsubstantiated ranting's about pigeons. One thing I just love about the shark Moon bats is that when you override their ridiculous ranting's with solid facts they go insane. It is okay for them to intimidate, harass and make ignorant postings and comments, but when someone repudiates their laughable comments, they just get down right nasty and mean. I just want to know when Maw Maw and the shark gang are going to stop talking the talking and start walking the walk. Go catch all the pigeons, feed them and care for them. Until you do that, your ranting's and ridiculous posting are just that - ridiculous. And one more note, if you are really from Sugar Land, Texas, which I highly doubt, you might want to make sure that you spell it right - It is Sugar Land, Texas, not Sugarland, Texas. Might be helpful to learn how to spell the town you "SUPPOSEDLY" live.

01/19/05 05:01:24 GMT
Name: Beverly Carlson MY URL: Visit Me <http://>

My Email: Email Me <> Location: Sugarland, Texas
I went to the guest book the other day to see what I wrote and see if anybody else
had anything to say about what I said. I was surprised to see my comments gone.
Then I went to your website and found my message there with all kinds of carrying
on about how I was one of them. I want you to know that I am very offended. I am
not one of them. I am beginning to think that THEM is just something that you have
made up when you get criticized. I think your problem is you just can't take people
pointing out your mistakes. That's when you start saying that you baited everybody
like you are some kind of mastermind. You just make yourself look like a fool. Just
to prove I am who I say I am and I mean what I say, I am giving you my work phone
number so you can call and check. (713) 944-6010 I would give you my home number
but I don't want to leave it on a public place and I don't know anyway else to let
you know. It's a pretty big business, but just ask for Maw Maw Bev, everybody knows
me. I really thing you shouldn't insult people who write in your guest book and you
should take your insults about me off of your webpage. Also, I stand by what I said
when I wrote last time. My nephew was so angry at what you did to me that he checked
it out. So I am asking you this now. If all of these pigeon catchers in san Francisco
are suddenly emailing you for God knows what possible reason, why don't you print
the names of these businesses, there owners, and the phone numbers. Why? Because
there are none. That's why! My nephew found out its even against the law to trap
or poison pigeons around there. I think you are a very mean spirited and stupid
woman who can't admit when wrong and who is a liar too. What ever happened to A
cowboy must always tell the truth in the cowboy code right on your own website?
If honesty means anything than you are no cowboy, Angel May, or whatever your name
is, if you can ever make up your mind about it. I also think you are getting a little
too old for that. Maybe you have a identity crisis. As I recall on your website,
there was the year you were born on the family tree and you are no spring chicken
as the saying goes. Beverly Carlson

Ahh, the Animal Rights Moon bats are back - after several weeks of no obscene, pornographic or harassing drive-by guest book postings, I received the following from Jean Louise Finch from Birmingham, Alabama. I love the way the Moon bats always use towns from the Southern part of the country and always use three-word names - quite discriminating and stereo-typing. I bet most of these Moon bats are really from California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, etc. Anyway, looks like they are approaching it a "calmer" point of view. However, Jean Louise Finch is a dead give way on wanting me to hurry up and post why rodeo doesn't pay attention to Hindi...

02/22/05 05:54:43 GMT
Name: Jean Louise Finch MY URL: Visit Me

My Email: Email Me Location: Birmingham, AL

I have been to your wonderful website a few times in the last month or two. I am waiting for you to fill in the part about why rodeo ignores Hindi. I hope you will put that up soon because I have become interested in this whole story. Thank you for having the website and adding new things to it. I know it must be a lot of work.

And they are back again.... What is so ironic about these Animal Rights Moon bats is that they preach kindness and respect to animals, but treat people with complete disrespect, much less any kindness. Furthermore they are racists and discriminate against people. They ASSUme that just because some one is involved in rodeo they are stupid, ignorant rednecks from Texas. Well, maybe it is time for the Moon bats to look in the mirror, because if one looks up the word ignorance in the dictionary (not the 5,000 to 6,000 volt dictionary), it has a picture of a Animal Right's Moon bat next to the word.. Remember, Adolf Hitler believed in protecting animals, but showed completed disregard and discrimination against certain groups of people. Hilter's belief in protecting animal rights did nothing with regards to making Nazi Germany and kinder, gentler nation. So the same goes for these Animal Rights Moon bats - how they go about trying to accomplish their so-called mission, does nothing to make this country a kinder nation. Oh yeah, looks like they are bringing God into the matter. When all else fails, blame it on God....

02/28/05 04:53:03 GMT
Name: stony indebrain
MY URL: Visit Me <http://>
Location: Podunk, TX
Hooo cares ifn de anymolse get hirt! Day're just anymolse!!!!!!!!!! God sais wekin
do anytin we waunts. Day feels no payne lick we do? Wy can't yu get that threw dose
anymolse rights peopoles brains! Pleez take dis advice frum mee! Stonyindebrain
and dats no lyee!

Well, the Animal Activists Moon bats are back and posting pornographic drive-by guest book signings. It is more and more obvious that these Moon bats use Animal Rights as a cover for their obession with sex and pornography. Makes me wonder if their end goal in Animal Rights is along the same lines of MAMBLA. They want to do the same thing to animals that members of MAMBLA do to under aged boys and girls. So below are a couple of guest book posting that were done on the same day at approximately the same time. The posting from Luke Warmth actually had a link to a posting of three old men in a sexual comprising position. It was ugly and completely out of line for normal people, but since NORMAL OR RESPECT are not a words in the Animal Rights Moon bat Dictionary, nor in the 5,000 to 6,000 Volt Dictionary, one cannot expect much. Matter of fact, my expectations of any of these Animal Rights Moon bats is not much beyond a maggot. Wait, maggots do serve a useful purpose, so I don't want to insult the maggots.

04/29/05 04:25:45 GMT
Name: Luke Warmth
MY URL: Visit MeLocation: TEXAS!!!
Hey, very nice and intelligent website. Great job. My grandfather was a cowboy. In fact, he was just like you in his talks, except that he has lost his brain in a tragic farming accident :( but dear jesus lord christ of medinna saved him for time being and let him live. He died last year of prostate cancer :( I miss him very dearly. I want to talk to you guys more. Visit my website

04/29/05 04:19:41 GMT
MY URL: Visit MeLocation:

04/29/05 04:16:09 GMT
Name: phatmatt MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me

04/29/05 04:15:18 GMT
Name: LOL MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me
Location: LOL
LOL cowboys LOL Hey little jimmy, how's your anus this morning?

And so, the Animal Rights Moon bats are back.. What was that movie, I believe it was called Poltergeist where the little girl says "They're Back..", meaning the ghosts. Yes folks that is what we have here Moon bats, Ghosts, not much difference.. Here is a drive-by guest book signing from "Cory" (I am sure that Cory is the person's real name :):), asking questions about desertion in the English Army. Of course, I am sure it would be extremely mind boggling for Cory to look it up on the internet, but let's help Cory try and find his answer (or may I should call Cory Pat Vinet or Richard Vinet). Try going to and typing in something like "desertion English Army". Now this may be beyond "Cory's" abilities, but we can always hope that these Moon bats - They're Back - can accomplish some level of intelligence at some point in their poor, miserable, lonely life's. By the way not sure what desertion from the English Army has to do with Animal Rights Moon bats, but I am sure that "Cory's" IQ is working overtime in order to make some connection between desertion from the English Army and animal rights. When the Moon bats come back and post again, because they really having nothing better to do, we can all be enthralled by their connection. Betcha all of you out there are just like me and are just overwhelmed with anxiety waiting for the answer!!

05/01/05 21:18:38 GMT
Name: Cory McDougal
MY URL: Visit Me
Location: Janesville, WI

Can anyone on this site tell me what the penalty is for wartime desertion from the English army? Thanks a bunch!

Okay, obviously from the drive-by guest book shooting below, we now know that the Animal Rights Moon bats, aka "Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places" posted the obscene comments and pictures that are referenced above. Of course, it doesn't take Forrest Gump to figure this one out.... Let's see, until the Animal Rights Moon bats started to harass this web site, no one ever posted any obscene or pornographic messages on the web site guest book. I bet Pat and Richard Vi net are just trying to get that 5,000 to 6,000 volt jolt.

05/02/05 02:32:22 GMT
Name: Darci Mayfield MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me
Location: Prairie City, Iowa
My son went to your website to get info about rodeo for a school report. Next thing I know hes asking me what penile enlargement is. I think you need to do a way better job of policing your website or you are going to get in trouble. I would report it myself but I don't know who to report it to. I don't think you do it deliberately, but you just don't do a good job checking the signers to your guest book nearly good enough. When an 8 year old finds it first when you hit the URL visit me and you don't, something is wrong.

First of all, to Darci "aka Animal Rights Moon bat" Mayfield (The Moon bats are finally taking my advice and no longer user three word names and no longer posting from cities and towns located in Texas, Oklahoma, etc. Granted it takes time for them to "get it" but, finally us Rodeo Cowboys and Cowgirls are teachin' them all to think before they shoot at a guest book). You can help me a great deal by reporting the obscene message to the FBI - try your local FBI office - I will be more than happy to cooperate with the FBI in determining who posted the obscene picture and drive-by guest book signings. But knowing that one of the Animal Rights Moon bats posted the obscene picture and writings, YOU WILL NEVER REPORT IT. So gotcha there ... You Moon bats are way too easy to trap - Is there a law against trapping Animal Rights' Moon bats????? Hope not!!!!

Next, the postings of the obscene pictures were done on Friday, April 29 at 4:15 GMT - GMT time is -7 hours to California time. So the posting was done at approximately 9:15 p.m. on Thursday, April 28, 2005 - PST. - So Darci you keep your 8-year-old up at 9:15 p.m. at night doing research on a rodeo for a school report. Thursday is a school night. Can we say child abuse.

Third, your 8-year old son is aware of penile enlargement? What movies do you let you kid watch and who does he hang around? You should be arrested for child endangerment and neglect.

Fourth, your 8-year-old son was able to find my web site, scroll to the bottom, find a guest book logo and knew to go to the specific guest book entry which is among about 10 entire's, and click on visit me URL that led to the obscene picture? Wow.... I am really impressed. Sounds like your 8-year-old is smarter than you and that maybe you better go to some parenting classes on how to raise children. You also might want to go some computer classes and learn how to use parental control software. Also, you might want to think again about reporting this site to the FBI as I will point out to them that maybe you should be arrested for child abuse since you obviously don't monitor your child's web surfing. Okay Darci - not buying your cute little cow-manure story. Try again. This is just too easy baiting Moon bats.... By the way, Darci Mayfield aka Pat Vinet - quit using the "MAY" thing - it is a dead giveaway. I take it that you are now the President of my fan club - you definitely have an unhealthy obsession with this web site.

So things must be really bad in SharkLand as the Animal Rights Moon bats have really stepped up their drive-by guest book shootings. So here we have Skippy the Moonbat wanting me to remove the second sentence of Harry's History. Well don't know exactly what is wrong with this sentence:

We live in the most beautiful area in the world, close to snow, mountains, breathtaking oceanfronts, and the best weather in the United States.

But we are dealing with low-IQ' Shark Gang Members so go figure - not worth my time to try and figure out what they are trying to say. I believe a three-year-old has a better grasp on life

05/04/05 05:52:15 GMT
Name: Skip Janis
MY URL: Visit MeLocation:
Meaning no disrespect, but could you remove the second sentence of Harry's history? It is not a good thing to brag about, and not a good example to young people. Thanks a lot.

And now we have the following postings a little later. Note the post from Mexico regarding the bull fighting - Gotta give these Animal Rights Moonbats credit - they are a bunch of racists...

05/04/05 13:33:05 GMT
MY URL: Visit Me <>
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05/04/05 13:20:00 GMT
Name: Diago Garcia MY URL: Visit Me <http://>

My Email: Email Me <> Location: puebla, mexico
Ola! My English not great, but wish to say many thanks for this place to honor traditions. In my country we also have much history like the corrida to care about.

Okay and now we get the real reason behind their drive-by's today: The Animal Rights Moonbats are drowning here. Yep - they started a fight that they cannot win. The Animal Rights Thugs Web site points out that Steve Hindi and the Shark Land Gang Members are a bunch of criminals and the Moonbats are trying desperately to paint Harry Rowell as a criminal. Sorry Moonbats, but Steve Hindi and the Shark Gang Members are not worthy of wiping Harry Rowell's boots. Harry Rowell never destroyed personal property, inflicted pain on his own family (Steve Hindi divorced his wife and let her to raise his children in pursuit of his Animal Rights Moonbat Cause) interfered with another person's rights, another person's way of supporting themselves, or called people liars and thugs. Steve Hindi is a criminal. Hindi, Vinets and all you associated Animal Rights Moonbats lose.......

05/04/05 18:22:17 GMT
Name: Claire Ambrose MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me
Location: Miami
This is in answer to Cory McDougal's question. Penalty for being a deserter during wartime is DEATH. Too bad the British military wasn't willing to travel that far to pick up old Harry or he would have been shot by a firing squad instead of playing at being a cowboy. I know this post won't be up long before it's ripped off by the self-proclaimed lover of the first amenment.

05/04/05 18:12:32 GMT
Name: Ben Dover
MY URL: Visit MeLocation: Lamo, TX
Harry's a deserter!

Okay the Moonbats have landed again.... Here is the next enthralling drive-by guest book signing: Just a few notes. Looks like the deserter theme here is gaining momentum. Since the Moonbats have basically no argument about any facts on this web site, they have to pick some hysterical, non-important fact. But since I just enjoy baiting these people - seriously, I bet going to the grocery store and buying food is just brain draining for most of them - I just can't help pointing out their hypocrisy. These Moonbats think that Steve Hindi's criminal activities are a form of independence and spirit that protect animals, but actually break the law. See, it is okay for Hindi to break the law and be a criminal, but oh no, no one else can do the same. By the way, moonbat is a legitimate word - and here is the definition:

Moonbat : noun. Someone on the extreme edge of whatever their -ism happens to be, i.e. Animal ActivISM - see all you Animal Activists are moonbats.
(coined by Perry de Havilland <>)

Usage:"Definition of a ' moonbat': someone who sacrifices sanity for
the sake of consistency"
-Adriana Cronin

...and the insanity exhibited by Animal ActivISM should garner all of them an Academy Award.

Moonbat - From Wikipedia - Note Wikepedia is an encyclopedia -

NOTE TO PAT VINET: This is not a definition from the 5,000 to 6,000 volt dictionary.

05/12/05 03:59:40 GMT
Name: Sarah Bellum
MY URL: Visit MeLocation: Ripon, Wisconsin
I enjoyed your website very much, especially the little part about Harry. I really admire him for deserting British navy just because he felt like it. He symbolizes the same brand of independence and cowboy spirit that made this country what it is today. I have one question. How did you come up with "moonbat"? It's not a legitimate word. Did you make it up yourself or did you get it off of some right wing nutball website?

Well all has been quiet on the Animal Rights Moonbat's Front for almost two months. But as we all know this website irrates the heck out of the Moonbats, so they are back and posting pornographic drive-by guestbook signings. I really am glad that these Moonbats have no respect or restraint and keep posting to this website. They just keep proving my point that these Moonbats don't give a hoot about animals - Their Animal ActivISM is just a cover for their sick, lonely, desperate lives. So here is the latest and greatest from the Moonbat's GIANT IQ:

NOTE: Please be advised that the link below will take you to some pretty sicko, pornographic site. Thanks to Pat Vinet - the 5,000 to 6,000 volt activist for this link.

06/27/05 14:24:40 GMT
Name: Brain MY URL: Visit Me

My Email: Email Me Location: USA

Good site! Thank you!

Well a very long dry spell has been broken today - yes, we have a milestone here. Tim Alloy has the following guestbook entry:

12/05/05 19:59:43 GMT
Name: Tim Alloy
MY URL: Visit Me

Kyle, if you threatened one person and it resulted in a huge improvement in life quality for millions of animals, it would be morally just to anyone with common sense and logic. PS: A bunch of cowboy rednecks trying to call other people violent criminals, oh please.

So we have the moonbats equating the quality of life of millions of animal to the threatening of bodily harm to a human. This again brings up a issue that no animal rights moonbat can grasp, but let's try and see if they can stretch their common sense and logic (one big stretch here). The animal kingdom in general is extremely vicious. In the animal kingdom there is a food chain meaning the bigger animals HUNT AND KILL the smaller animals (and the killing is not pretty - they basically shred their prey, which by the way is another animal) - this happens all the way from the bottom of the food chain in the form of little insects and lizards all the way up to the most dangerous hunters in the form of killer whales, lions and elephants. Of course none of the aforementioned animals are beyond KILLING a human and eating them. Just ask villagers that live in India, Africa and South America who have experienced rogue lions, tigers, elephants, etc attack and kill humans - mostly children - who live in those villages. I wonder if Tim Alloy, who I bet lives in a neighborhood somewhere in America (eats meat and drives a car with leather interior) and doesn't have to worry about things like rogue animals who hunt and kill their prey and their prey is sometime humans. That is why Tim Alloy can speak the way he does, because he really doesn't know the first thing about animals.

Also it seems that Alloy is a racist. All cowboys are rednecks. Well, all cowboys may be rednecks, but they don't get thrown in jail for interferring with someone else's way of life, and threatening the lives of other humans. They especially don't divorce their wife and leave her to care for two children while they spend six months in jailing for attempting to save the lives of some pigeons. They don't spend thousands of dollars on toy trucks with video screens on them showing edited films of rodeos. And they certainly don't blow up businesses and do millions of dollars worth of damages to property and people's businesses. Somehow or another I don't believe that Ghandi would approve of these tactics.

But I think it might be wise for the animal rights moonbats to hire ACLU attorneys and have them file lawsuits against the lions and tigers for hunting and eating baby gazelles and zebras. Then they could file lawsuit against the hynenas for attacking the tigers while the tigers are eating the baby gazelles and zebras. Then they could file lawsuits on behalf of the baby seals and salmon that are hunted and eaten by killer whales. This could spark a whole lot of work for the ACLU and the animal rights moonbats. Getting depositions might prove to be fruitless, but the animal rights sharkies could use their toy truck with all the video equipment to capture the hunting and killing and eating of the baby gazelles and zebras on video. This would also keep the ACLU lawyers busy and, hopefully, stop them from filing lawsuits that involve ACLU attorneys trying to interpret the Constitution. Which obviously none of these ACLU attorneys have the slightest clue about nor understand the meaning of human rights. Who knows, they might be more successful with animal rights.

Now we have the moonbats trying to act as college students writing papers.

02/22/06 16:08:06 GMT
Name: S. Stephens MY URL: Visit Me

My Email: Email Me Location: Elyria, OH

I am working on a college paper concerning the humane treatment of animals and wish to show that rodeo does indeed fall into that category. I have found this site interesting and helpful

Writing a paper against rodeo and finding this site quite interesting and helpful. Yeah right and I have twenty acres of ocean-front property in Arizona for sale...

After quite a dry spell, Moonbats are back at it again. I received the following email from Luke Anderson:

-----Original Message-----
From: Luke Anderson
Sent: Jul 2, 2006 11:47 PM

Subject: Rodeo

You seem to think all animal rights activists are cluess which is wrong seeing as you are a Rodeo lover(Obviusly a uneducated redkneck)you do not realize it is not uncommon for steers to be killed in rodeos.Sadly its a much better fate then being factory farmed or being hung up then having there throats slit.You seem to think farm animals are dumb well take the chicken for example a animal who has its own social hierchy and is very intilligent.Hunting another evil killing animals for nothing more then sport call it for food all you want when you know you could get it from fruits(the natural healthy way seeing as how humans are by nature fructivores).You are obviusly rather uneducated slaughter innocents and having rodeos where there forced to take part in a bad cruel and mean sport just to give entertainment to some simpletons.

I could write a book on this email, but the thing that stands out the most is that Luke is calling me a uneducated redneck, yet his whole email abounds with run-on sentences, misspellings, fragmented sentences, and most obvious, a fragemented thought process. The other item that caught my eye was the statement that chickens are very intelligent. I have many chickens for neighbors. Unfortunately, I have yet to see a chicken obtain a medical degree from Harvard and perform surgery on another chicken and be successful. They mainly walk around most of the day looking for food, picking fights and trying to reproduce. This is what chickens have been doing for hundreds of years and have not evolved much at all. Furthermore, if Luke understood animals at all he would know that all animals, from farm animals to wild animals, all have a social hierchy. This is not a sign of intelligence, it is a sign of survival. Animals survive better in groups than alone. A lone chicken, like a lone horse or gazelle is a prime target for a predator. I then decided to bait Mr. Anderson. I sent him a email asking his position on abortion and here is his reply:

Due to massive human overpopulation many forests and other natural environments are being destroyed to make way for buildings that will pollute our earth and destroy the earths animals.So yes due to massive overpopulation i do support abortion but id support abstinence first to prevent it happening in the first place with less humans the earth would be better the humans already here would have more resources to go around and the animals and the environment will do better so as a last resort yes i do support it.

Obviously Mr. Anderson supports abortion in order to save the earth and the animals. Since I am a strong supporter of the First Amendment, which by the way does not prevent one from making a complete imbecile of oneself, I support Mr. Anderson's right to his opinion. However, the biggest issue I have with the Animal Rights Moonbats is that they talk the talk but don't walk the walk. So, my suggestion to Mr. Anderson is that if you truly want to save the earth and animals from humans, then I strongly suggest that you move out of your house/apartment, etc, burn it down, give the bare property to some animals and then euthanize yourself so that you can be part of the movement to save the earth and animals. Also, then there would be more resources for us who believe that humans are far more important than animals.

Well, I believe that things must be going slow for the sharkies this month - Another drive-by guestbook signing has appeared. My Fan Club is back. Here are the words of wisdom from Frankie in Dallas, TX

07/07/07 03:06:02 GMT
Name: Frankie
MY URL: Visit Me
Location: Dallas, TX

It's just so sad. The pure hate you show towards people trying to better the world by asking for alittle kindness towards animals. Granted, some may exaggerate what actually happens at a rodeo, but treating animals like property is not much better. These are living, breathing creatures we are talking about here, not property. As far as I can see, you treating these animals like a material object you own (solely because you paid the money to do so) shows you have the same low IQ you claim the animal rights activists to have. Anyone who values money over a living, breathing, pain-feeling animal MUST have a very low IQ! Like I said, it's just very sad.

Ah, the pure hate that I show towards people trying to make the world better by asking for a little kindness towards animals. I believe that the "people trying to make the world better by asking for a little kindness towards animals" are the ones who have attacked my website with porn, hate, abuse and lies about rodeo people and myself. I believe that the "people trying to make the world better by asking for a little kindness towards animals" might want to start with showing a little respect and kindness to those of us people who OWN animals, which means we care for them, feed them, give them shelter, make sure they get proper medical care and are protected from predators. Yes, Frankie, the animal kingdom is not the sweet, kind and gentle place you obviously wish it was. It is a mean, cruel world with the rats eating the insects, and the foxes eating the rats, and the wolves eating the foxes and the bears eating the wolves, and so on and so on. You live in Animal Disneyworld. The average life span for a horse in the wild - about 12 years. The average life span for a horse in capivity by people like me - let see one of my team roping horses is 30 years old. Gee, let's ask the horse - would you rather be a rodeo team roping horse or would you like to be living in the wild. Let's see what "the people trying to make the world better by asking for a little kindness towards animals" would pick. But I have a suggestion for "the people trying to make the world better by asking for a little kindness towards animals": Move out of your house, tear it down and give the property to the ANIMALS. Then you and your family can really live your beliefs by then giving all your money to those ANIMALS living on the property that used to be your house. Until "the people trying to make the world better by asking for a little kindness towards animals" starting walking the walk instead of talking the talk, then just maybe us people who own animals and hate them so much might listened to you. Think about it, but please don't hurt yourself in the process. I really don't like to see humans abused.

-----Original Message-----
From: Rui Pereira
Sent: Mar 12, 2008 8:57 PM
Subject: your grammer

I'm trying to see your opinion on your website regarding this person Steve Hindi. Unfortunately, your website is full of incorrect usage of words and grammatical errors.
If you want viewers see your view and take that site seriously I suggest you spend a bit of time rereading your permanant website so it does not sound so uneducated.


It is been quite a dry spell for the Animal Rights Gang and their continued attack on this website. Rui Pereira sent me the above email. I think that Rui is trying to tell me that she does not understand my opinion about Steve Hindi because my website is full of grammatical errors. Okay, fair enough. The problem is that the email is full of incorrect grammar and uses words incorrectly. Rui is "trying to see my opinion". I did not know that you can "see" an opinion. I have never heard of "trying to see my opinion" - that is a new one for me. Rui how about trying to correctly write an email to me that is both grammatically correct, and has a logical thought process. Let me rewrite it for you and then you can send it again to me with the corrections that you might need to make in order for me to understand your point.

I am trying to understand your opinion about Steve Hindi that is posted on your Animal Rights Moonbat's Website. Unfortunately your website contains some misspellings and grammatical errors.

If you would like people to understand your opinion and take it seriously, I suggest you spend some time editing your website.

This email would give more credence to your opinion that you know more about grammar, spelling, punctuation and writing than I do. Those who live in glass houses should not throw rocks dear or at least take an English Class before attempting to correct someone else's grammar.

Ms. Rui Pereira responded as follows:

From: Rui Pereira <> [Add to Address Book]
Subject: Re: your grammer
Date: Mar 13, 2008 7:22 PM
People see your opinion when it's in print . I'm glad you posted it.
It makes things very clear.

People do no see an opinion when it is in print. They read an opinion when it is in print. Again, those who live in glass houses should not throw rocks or at least take an English class before correcting someone's grammar.

Hmmm... must be a slow week for the Animal Right's Gang. I found the following posted on the guestbook:

03/19/08 18:10:03 GMT
Name: Lisa G. Leming MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me
Location: Asheville, NC
Dear Sir/madam: I don't mean to rain on your parade but you won't find too many people complaining about the AR movement who actually work in Animal Welfare. Here in North Carolina, we have the 3rd highest euthanasia rate in the country. 93 million companion animals are put to sleep a year in the US. The only thing to hope for is more and better advocacy, breeding restrictions, tethering laws and an end to puppy mills. Also, as professed horse lovers, I would assume you would be on board with at least some AR goals. Each year over 100,000 horses are sent to low class auctions where they are purchased for horse meat. Any horse can end up at the slaughterhouse. Amish horses are a common sight at the auctions. However there are also former show horses, horses donated to Universities and summer camps, racehorses pour into slaughterhouses by the thousands. At the auction the treatment of the horses is lacking to say the least, many times there are denied food and water. There are two horse slaughterhouses in operation in the US which export horse meat. Not unlike the AKC, who make plenty of money breeding and showing dogs and yet do little to nothing to advocate for laws protecting them; I have never heard of a rodeo club, race track or horse breeder advocating against horse slaughter or horses used in Premarin. Leave that to the "terrorists" I suppose. Furthermore, many AR folks actually do start off on farms or agribusiness and witness first hand the day in day out unspeakable cruelty. Others just start off in a shelter trying to save a few dogs and cats. It's really not that short of a step to include other or all species of animals in your circle of compassion. Cesare Chavez for example, became a vegetarian and AR activist after years of organizing Mexican farm labor in CA. Here is link to an article on Hitlers' "vegetarianism" (including references from his official biographer) by John Robbins, author of "The Food Revolution".

First, I must give credit where credit is due. Lisa did not call me names, post pornography, use vulgar language, or attempt to correct my spelling and grammer. I would like to thank her for that. I appreciate Lisa's commentary above. Second, I am very much aware of the issues in this country surrounding the fact that many horses, dogs, cats, etc, etc are euthanasized in the United States. However, this is a fact and will continue as long as mankind and animals walk this earth. Millions of animals are killed inhumanely in Africa, South America, the Middle East, and China and Mexico, and I wonder how Lisa is going to solve that problem. What I and other ranchers, farmers, horse, dog and cat owners resent is the arrogance that Animal Rights Gangs have in believing that they know more about the welfare of animals than people like me who care for these animals daily, not to mention the amount of money that we spend on them. If Lisa and the AR Gangs really want to help, then go adopt a handful of horses, dogs and cats and spend the time, money and effort to care for them. I have never met an AR activitists that spends the amount of time and money that I do caring for my animals. They spend more time taking their clothes off, protesting, and inciting email fights on the internet than they do anything else. Furthermore I resent the arrogance of AR Gangs wanting to pass laws that limit what I can do with my animals. What these AR Gangs don't realize is that if you limit my ability to ride my horses in rodeos, race them in horse races, barrel race, show jump or any other kind of activity then there is no reason for me to own my horses. AR Gangs don't realize they are heading down the road of putting all animals in the extinction category. Who is going to pay all the bills that go along with owning horses to watch them stand in a stall or pasture all day. No one unless they have the Bill Gates Fortune. As far as your link to Hilter - I did read it and found it amusing. Actually I found the explanation that Hitler's vegetarianism” was a “legend” and a “fiction” invented by Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda quite entertaining. Much like many AR Gangs, they promote themselves as vegetarians and the like, but I have seen many of them eating hamburgers, drinking milk, wearing leather shoes and leather belts and driving cars with leather interiors - Ministers of Propaganda - you bet. I asked an AR Moonbat with Leather Shoes on who was protesting a Rodeo as cruelty to animals where he got his leather shoes. He answered Nordstroms. Great and the eggs and milk in the dairy case at Safeway come from the storage in the back of the dairy case. Lastly, let me let you in on a little secret. It might be wise for AR Gang members to stop trying to associate themselves with people like Gandhi and in your case, Chavez. See, Animal Activitsts, much like Environmentalist, have horrible reputations as far as "peace and non-violience" is concerned. I invite you to read the posts above on this page and you will see they a full of hate, violence and of course pornography. You might want to try and stay away from the Gandhi thing because all it does is make most AR Gangs look like hypocritics. Also, Lisa - just an FYI - you haven't even drizzled on my parade...Thanks for writing.

Okay after a slight dry spell "They're back". The following postings arrived in the guestbook:

05/21/08 20:38:34 GMT
Name: Cody LaMonte
MY URL: Visit Me
Location: Salinas, CA

Why were horses being shocked at the Rowell Rodeo?

I don't know Cody - maybe they thought you were so ugly that they were shocked. What is your point, or do you have a point. I am done with stupid questions. At least Lisa above, who I completely disagree with, made her point in a logical, intelligent manner. Why don't you try the same approach and quit living up to the picture of the crazed animal rights moonbat. Must be a slow week for the AR Moonbats. What no eco-terrorists bombings for you to attend.

05/21/08 04:37:10 GMT
Name: Valorie Stricklin MY URL: Visit Me

My Email: Email Me Location: North Idaho

I am a fan of rodeo, and enjoy reading about the history of rodeo. This is a very informative site. Interestingly, I came in through the animal rights page, as I was doing research on horse slaughter. A direct quote from your site was published in the Idaho Farm Bureau Quarterly this month. I hope they had your permission. I noted your comment that your horses would never ever go to slaughter. Even if they were stolen? Even if you died unexpectedly? Not picking a fight, I just wanted you to know as long as horse slaughter is a legal options, all of America's horses are candidates.

Not picking a fight - sure you are. You are a fan of rodeo and rodeo history but you came to the site through the animals rights page as you were doing research on horse slaughter. Right. You don't understand anything about horses even though you state yourself a fan of Rodeo. Read up on branding horses which will enlighten you about stolen horses. Might also want to read up on living trusts and wills - that will enlightened you on the dying part. As long as horses cannot be slaughtered, then they are candidates for being dumped in fields and left to starved to death and becoming huge burdens on taxpayers as well as being stabbed in the back 35 times in some slaughterhouse in Mexico (thanks to Steve Hindi). But I am sure that you Valorie along with your AR Moonbat friends are out right now adopting unwanted horses, feeding and caring from them and protecting them from slaughter. What you and your AR Moonbat buddies are really doing is inflicting pain and suffering on horses. You are the problem. By the way, there was not a direct quote from my site published in the Idaho Farm Bureau Quarterly this month. A direct quote is word for word means word for word.

Well, things are heating up this week. More enthralling acumen from AR Moonbats. Received this gem from someone who claims to be a Lecturer in English and a Wandering Dreamer at the University of Tennesse. This letter is the 967, 568th reason we homeschool our son and keep him as far as possible away from the public education environments as possible. Here it is:

From: m jaynes <>
Subject: AR activist here with a comment for you.
Date: Jun 2, 2008 9:49 PM
Hey there!
Your misunderstanding of the issues behind animal rights is not surprising given the lack of erudition displayed on your website. You're a bit annoying, but it is still a little cute that you take yourself seriously. Thanks for being an obvious argument against rodeos and the type of people who support them; it's a great thing when someone makes your argument for you. Also, please feel free to add me to your activist list as I am quite narcissistic.
I hope the site is still active and you keep up the good work.

M. Jaynes
Lecturer in English and Wandering Dreamer
University of Tennessee

So I misunderstand Animal Rights, I am a bit annoying, I am cute, because I take my self seriously and I am an argument against rodeos. This letter has got to be a solid argument for not letting your son or daughter attend public universities and or to pay for them to attend public universities. Especially since this person claims to be Wandering Dreamer as well as a Lecturer in English at the University of Tennessee. I just can't help laughing. However, I must give thanks again to our Founding Fathers, especially James Madison, for writing the First Amendment which allows freedom of speech, but doesn't protect one from making an imbecile of themselves. Just a note to M. Jaynes - when trying to establish an argument against something that you disagree with, you might want to start with some facts. However, given the content of your email, I believe that fact-gathering may not be your strong suite. Wandering around and dreaming may interfere heavily with the ability to gather facts. After gathering facts, you might want to use those facts to establish a solid argument against my website. Calling me names and making assumptions is something that five year olds are really good at doing. However, it doesn't bode well with adults - especially ones that don't wander around dreaming like yourself. Happy Trails....

Another, "I am pretending that I know nothing about rodeos, but in real-life I am an Animal Activists trying to incite a fight" letter. Here is a letter from Claudia baiting me - This is a "supposedly Animal Behavorist" asking me questions about shocking animals and livestock - right and I am Princess Diana.

-----Original Message-----
From: Claudia Hoyle
Sent: Sep 13, 2008 8:54 AM
Subject: About the Rodeos

After reading your website I must ask a few questions which I hope you can answer.

Obviously information on the web is clearly contradictory in the sense that we have associations and people claiming rodeos are hurtfull and incite animal cruelty and then we have the other side of the coin, where the sport is portrayed as respecting and caring towards their own animals.

So because I am still looking for information to make up my mind about what really goes on in these events, would it be possible for you to explain, why are there so many footages of horses, bucks and bulls being shocked just before entering the arenas? What do these shocks mean? Are they part of the sport and really made to look worse than they are, just to make a point?

I know very little about live stock, so would you say these animals need these shocks in order to react to the envirnoment?

Thank you

Claudia Estanislau - Animal Behaviourist member of IPDTA;APDT;IIACAB

First of all I do appreciate the fact that Ms. Estanislau's letter is not filled with pornography and name-calling. Thank you for at least having some level of respect and education. I don't see that very often from the Animal Right's Activists that continually attack this website. However, Ms. Estanislau may have not be able to fully read and comprehend the information on this website that will answer her questions about the shocking and videos. I explain fully how a cattle prod works and why it is used. Furthermore, my question to Ms. Estanislau would be: On which websites are you seeing "horses, bucks and bulls being shocked"? If it is any Animal Rights Activists website, say like SHARK, then you can be rest assured that is is all edited video - which means they are making it up.. Read my website - you will find this information. It is all over the place - which leaves me to address the fact that you claim to be an Animal Behaviourist? Right - please learn how to spell it properly before calling yourself one. Yes folks, another "I am pretending to know nothing about rodeos, but in real life I am an Animal Rights Activists trying to incite a fight" letter. I have a real good suggestion for you Claudia - you need to go work for NBC, CBS or ABC - one of the mainstream media outlets - you would fit in well with Matthews or Oblerman.

Well here is another email from M. Jaynes who emailed this website sometime ago with a pretty nasty email (what’s new). Here is his new email:

Dear Ma'am,

My name is M. Jaynes, and I posted on your "animal rights thugs" page some time ago. I do have actual respectful questions for you, but to jog your memory I've posted my original post and your reply at the end of this email. I do hope you are receptive to this request as it is sent in the spirit of an exchange of information between opposing theorists. Both of us appear to be outspoken and forthright, and I truly respect that. However, I assure you this communique will remain respectful.

I note that you mention when you think of animal rights activists you think of PETA, half-naked Celebes, and misinformed people. Unfortunately, I'm sure many people think of the same thing, and I wonder if you would agree to answer a few respectful questions off the record and outside the post for the sake of discussion.

I seek facts about animal husbandry in rodeos and I truly want to believe what the rodeo industry says regarding its animals. So, in the spirit of gathering information, and not relying on any sole source, I wonder if I could bother you with a few questions in the hopes of broadening my knowledge of rodeos. I understand many animal rights activists are often inflammatory, and you may be suspicious of this approach. I also understand my previous guest book signing had a definitive "clippy" tone to it so perhaps we didn't get off to the best start. However, I am an animal rights activist and an academic who does seek knowledge and would appreciate your insight on a few items. Of course I have read the AR and animal welfare material. I would also love to have information from someone experienced in rodeo, such as yourself. If you are open to this, let me know and I'll ask my few questions.

Regardless of your answer, thanks for your time!

Again, I've posted our original comments below to jog your memory.



The above email is from M. Jaynes who posted the following “definitively clippy-toned” response some time ago:

Subject: AR activist here with a comment for you.
Date: Jun 2, 2008 9:49 PM
Hey there!
Your misunderstanding of the issues behind animal rights is not surprising given the lack of erudition displayed on your website. You're a bit annoying, but it is still a little cute that you take yourself seriously. Thanks for being an obvious argument against rodeos and the type of people who support them; it's a great thing when someone makes your argument for you. Also, please feel free to add me to your activist list as I am quite narcissistic.
I hope the site is still active and you keep up the good work.
M. Jaynes
Lecturer in English and Wandering Dreamer
University of Tennessee

First of all, thank you for having some level of respect this time and not emailing some insane and demented posting about this website. Please keep in mind that I did not start this website because I had some inter-galactic moment. This website came about because Animal Rights Thugs posted cruel and untrue statements in my guestbook in order to incite an inflammatory war against people like me who participate in the Sport of Rodeo. Posting cruel and untrue statements and inciting email/website wars does not help abused animals. Therefore, understand that I have no use for any Animal Rights Thugs. Actions do speak louder than words which is an old cliché, but very true in the case of Animal Rights Thugs.

I am forthright and outspoken, but always with facts. I am not a dreamer, wanderer or narcissist. I, unlike you, am not a theorist. I am not a vegetarian which according to a recent study, people who are vegetarians experience brain shrinkage. This may account for the stupid ads that PETA does. I work for a living, raise a family, do volunteer and rescue work for animals, and have a herd of animals (livestock) that I own, care and tend to daily, along with the occasional stray or dumped cat or dog on my road. I live in the country surrounded by dogs, cats, goats, sheep, horses, pigs, dairy cows, beef cows, chickens, ducks, rats, pigeons, hawks, barn owls, burrowing owls, egrets, crows, seagulls, raccoons, moles, gophers, snakes, lizards, koi, (I have a 3500 gallon natural pond), mice, sparrows, foxes, coyotes, and insects galore. Because I experience the real thing daily (like caring for animals), I work on facts. Theories don’t work for me and they don’t work for the animals either.

You state that you understand that many animal rights activists are inflammatory. PETA and other AR’s like SHARK, do nothing to help the plight of animals. What they do is very narcissistic. They take off their clothes, call people vulgar names, attack websites, protest, create stupid Ads, take video and pictures and then edit it for THEIR benefit and work to pass laws that do nothing for the sake of animals. Matter of fact, the most recent laws that were passed with regard to horse slaughter have done nothing but made it worse for horses. People are dropping unwanted horses by the thousands into over crowded shelters and basically in the streets for other people to care for them. Horses are not like dogs and cats. It is not like you can take them to a shelter or rescue group and show them off at Pet’s Smart and get them adopted. Livestock IS EXPENSIVE and require much more care than a hamster or cat. But of course, these laws are being pushed by Animal Rights Activists - people who have NO clue about animals at all.

Matter of fact, I would euthanize my animals before I would let Steve Hindi, Pamela Anderson, Pat Vinet, Gwyneth Paltrow, Doris Day, Linda Blair, or Bridget Bardot take care of any of my animals. Furthermore, none of them would qualify to be foster caretakers for the Rescue Program that I do foster care. It would be cruel and unusual punishment for my animals as none of the above-mentioned people know jack about taking care of livestock. I can bet that if my animals were intelligent and could reason like a human, they would whole-heartedly agree with me. Unfortunately, animals cannot reason nor are they intelligent so they are unable to speak their minds. One would only come to this conclusion because they live with animals. People like me. PETA’s dirty little secret is that they supposedly “rescue” unwanted and abuse animals and find them homes. Yeah right and I am Princess Diana. They kill over 95% of the animals that they rescue. Please tell me that these people care about Animal Rights’. Furthermore, when all the above-mentioned names and you yourself included go out and adopt unwanted horses, pigs, cows, goats, sheep, etc and care for them yourself then give me a call. This means you buy the house necessary, which means you need to find a plot of land or pay for boarding, spend the time daily needed to care for them and write that first big check to the large animal vet, then give me a call. Experience the joy of staying up all night walking a colicky horse or get up at 2:00 a.m. in the middle of a freezing December morning and pull calves all night because your heifers having a hard time calving. All of you live in Fantasy Land. Dr. Doolittle was a movie, not real life. The Disney animated animal movies and movies like Babe are not real life. Nothing in Hollywood is real including the people who live there. I can just see Barbara Streisand with her long finger nails up all night with a mare having trouble birthing her foal.

Your previous post was not definitively “clippy”. It was rude and academically shoddy. I have never heard the word clippy, before and was unable to find it in about ten different on-line dictionaries. As a so-called academic you might want to try and use more common adjectives or maybe just say something more down-to-earth like it was rude and cruel.

As far as having a dialogue about rodeo, send your questions. Whatever they are I am sure that your intention is not for the benefit of the animals, but some self-centered, narcissistic and personal endeavor. I can basically see right through your email. Again, I see you as the 968,678th reason I homeschool my child.

Busy week, more from Pauline, aka Patline Vinetline:


09/22/08 14:27:00 GMT
Name: Pauline
MY URL: Visit Me

No sign of this story on your website? Fine Imposed on Rodeo Prod Use; County Criminal Probe Underway

Patline: No there is no sign of the above-mentioned story. I am sure it is a fake since there is no link or URL to the story. Pick up a copy of Internet for Dummies 101 and you might get a clue on internet basics and etiquette. Might need to look up that word in the dictionary and not the 50,000 to 60,000 volt jolt dictionary

So if you glance a few responses above, you will see that Ms. Estanislau sent an email to me on September 13, 2008 in which I responded to her email. Seems like Ms. Estanislau is not happy with my response - well isn't that a shocker - so she sent me another one spanking me on my response. Animal Activists are like timex watches, they take a beating and keep on ticking.

Ms. Estanislau's recent email:

Claudia Estanislau <> [Add to Address Book]
Subject: answer to e-mail
Date: Oct 2, 2008 7:11 PM
Hello there,

I would like to thank you for answering the e-mail I sent you, although I would also like to point out a couple of things if you allow.

First I can spell "animal behaviourist" perfectly in my language, which is portuguese, but since english is only a second language to me I am likely to make some spelling mistakes, or write bad english, that though does not mean I am not what I am and for that you should guide yourself through my qualifications not the way I spell things.

Point two, I am not pretending anything. There was a rodeo organized in Portugal very recently and I was trying to find out both sides of the story, just sorry you failed to explain anything that made any sense and instead focused on my spelling.

Point three, I have no idea who Matthews or Oblerman are, as I explained before I am not american...but I am surprised with your remarks because since you can fit me with other people you must know me very well, so maybe you forgot I was foreign?

Point four, related to animals and to the rodeos. I truly believe animal cruelty goes on in rodeos, even if I didn't have any proof (which I now have first hand from the rodeo in Portugal) and even if I didn't know any better, the defensive, aggresive and touching the comediant way with which you address people who write you gives me all the information I need. If you had nothing to hide you didn't need to be like that.

Anyway, I am sure you have a witty answer to give me, that does not include swearing but includes a whole lot of ignorance and personal assault.

Oh also, if you answer this in public I would appreciate you let me know next time, since transcribing personal e-mails is just plain rude.

Cláudia Estanislau

"Mostra-me o teu cão, dir-te-ei quem és"

In response to Ms. Estansilau's points. Please re-read your first email. There is no mention whatsoever in any part of your first email that you are from Portugal. How rude of you to assume that I should automatically haven known that you are from a foreign country and English is a second language to you. I am not a mind-reader and how rude of you to not be up front and honest. Score another victory for the Animal Rights Activists. You just proved my point that Animal Rights Activists are dishonest and crazed people.

In response to point two: You never stated that you were from Portugal. You never stated that you had recently attended a rodeo and you trying to find out both sides of the story. I would have never corrected your spelling if you had stated up front that you were from Portugal. How rude of you to not be upfront and honest, but then again Animal Rights Activists are extremely dishonest and immoral people. Read again my response to you, which was read everything on this website. There is more information here than just about anywhere else on the internet about rodeo and Animal Rights Thug, ESPECIALLY THE PART ABOUT THE SHOCKS. I answered your questions. Read my response again, and if needed, get someone to translate it for you in English.

In response to point three: Since now you are using the fact that you are a foreigner as a handicapp in this argument, I will explain Matthews and Oblerman for you. Both are American Mainstream Media "journalists" who claim to be unbiased and non-partisian in their reporting. This is a bold face lie in the sense that all one has to do is watch them "report" and see the unrepetanted biased and partisian reporting. You have that same talent. In your first email, you claim to be seeking "information" about rodeos to make a decision on whether they are cruel or not and then you bluntly state in point four in your second email that you are against rodeos. You are not honest and you are not seeking information - you are trying to incite a fight just like every Animal Rights Thug who sends me emails trying to incite fights. Or, posts pornographic links and sites in my guestbook.

In response to point four: I don't have anything to hide. I am not the one sending rude emails or posting untrue comments on this website. I did not have some inter-galatic revelation and start attacking Animal Rights Thugs. Animal Rights Thugs posted cruel, untrue, rude statements along with pornographic links on this website as well as personal attacks on me.. So, Ms. Estanliau, do not, I repeat, do not preach to me that I am defensive and aggressive. I speak on facts and the truth and you Animal Rights Thugs can't stand those traits. Period. End of Discussion.

One more fact. America, for right now - this may change after the next election, is the leader in the free speech movement. Our First Amendment in our Constitution plainly states that. However, it does not prevent one from making an imbecile out of themselves in practicing it. Furthermore, there is an email etqiuette here in the U.S. that you may not be aware of that goes like this: If you can't say it in public, then don't put it in an email. You, along with Patline Vinetline need Internet Email for Dummies 101. By the way your email is not personal to me.

Wow - it has been almost three years since this website has had a drive-by posting. But here is one from Kristin and she is just a little grumpy. So I took the time to answer her questions. It was fun.

Dear 'Webmaster' (I didn't look to hard, but it seems you chose not to reveal name - interesting).

My name is no secret. Just ask your “May Friend” Pat Vinet. She knows it. By the way, the sentence “I didn’t look to hard” is incorrect. It should read as follows “I didn’t look too hard… Your prepositions are incorrect.

I guess I am choosing to join those you consider imbeciles. However not being American I can't say that I am using first amendment right. I guess instead I will choose my Canadian freedom to say whatever I damn well please. Since you seem to think you can say say whatever you like, as uneducated as it may be.

Congratulations. You have joined the ranks of Animal Rights Imbeciles. It is not hard to get into the club. You can use whatever right you want to flap your jaws. My give a damn is busted on that one. Talk all you want. By the way the sentence “Since you seem to think you can say say whatever” is incorrect. It should state “Since you seem to think you can say whatever. There are too many “say” in the sentence.

I read your bit on Steve Hindi. Nice how you point out all his faults. I guess people aren't allowed to see the light and change. Interesting. Because as far as I know life is a learning curve. People make mistakes( like you did building this site). People also grow and learn (well, most of them). You are trying to knock a man who is speaking out for the innocent. WOW BIG CRIME I guess people that speak out against things like child abuse are criminals as well? Oh hang on thats a PERSON they have rights. HUH!

You consider prison and breaking the law faults? Great where do you live so I can break into your house and steal everything you own and then you won’t prosecute me because of my “faults and mistakes”. He did commit crimes and continues to have complete disregard for the law and other American citizen’s rights. He is a criminal. People do have rights and Hindi regularly abuses people’s rights, because he thinks that his ideology is better than everyone else’s ideology. He belongs in Washington D.C. By the way the sentence “Nice how you point out all his faults” is grammatically incorrect. You have fragmented the sentence. Also, the sentence Because as far as I know life is a learning curve is grammatically incorrect. You might want to revise it.

And as for your comment on Pat Vine, I'd LOVE to poke you with a cattle prod and see how you like it. And as for the animal being 2,000 lbs. Who cares, it can feel a freaking fly land on it so it sure as hell can feel the shock from a cattle prod.

Neither you nor Pat Vinet know the first thing about cattle prods. If either of you did, you would not be a member of the imbeciles’ club. I have been hit by both a cattle prod and electric fence. It is no big deal.

I am an not an animal rights activist. I strongly believe in animal welfare. You'd do good to learn the difference.

Yes you are an animal rights activist. Quit lying like a rug. By the way, the sentence “I am an not an animal rights activist” is grammatically incorrect. It should read “I am not an Animal Right’s Activist. Also the sentence, You’d do good to learn the difference, is grammatically incorrect. Try this: You might help yourself by learning the difference between animal welfare and animal rights.

I do recognize the fact that no matter what I say here you will shrug it off and carry on believing you are right. That how people (I use that term loosely) like you operate. So convinced of your greatness that you don't see the forest through the trees. Maybe you should do some research (if you know how) as to the realities of what you are discussing. The only imbecile making his presence known here is you.

Of course I will because you have no facts, just ranting, raving and ideology. You know nothing about livestock, cattle prods or more importantly you know nothing about breaking laws and serving time in prison. You too belong in Washington D.C. By the way the sentence “So convinced of your greatness that you don’t see the forest through the trees is a fragmented sentence. You might have wanted to type it as follows. You are so convinced of your greatness, that you don’t see the forest through the trees.

I do however thank you and recognize you fairness in letting the other voices be heard even though they contradict yours. Maybe there is hope for you.

Your opinion doesn’t matter to me. I could careless, however, I enjoy watching ideologues like you rant and rave with no meaning or facts. By the way the subject line of your email to me was LMFAO. Please grow up at some point in your life. Foul language, like your inability to write a proper sentence, makes you look like a fool. You have an uncanny ability to make yourself look like you just crawled out from underneath a rock.

And please post this so I can join the rank of the imbeciles. If that is what you want to call those of us that speak out for animals then I am glad to be one.

No problem. Your wish is my command. Enjoyed pointing out the finer aspects of your juvenile letter.


Kristin McCallum










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