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The 5,000 to 6,000 Volt Activist

Pat Vinet's claim to fame seems to be linked directly with cattle prods. Obviously, there is something electrifying missing in her life, so she goes to rodeos to find anyone that uses a "cattle prod" on the rodeo livestock. The following quotes are from Pat Vinet which she made to reporters about cattle prods.

"They go wild," Vinet said of the bulls. "That's the whole point. You do it right as the chute gate is opened. So they go barreling out kicking and bucking with all their might to provide better entertainment."


"It delivers between five- and six-thousand volts of electricity to the animal," animal rights activist Pat Vinet said.

Vinet is a volunteer for a group called Showing Animals Respect And Kindness (SHARK).

"I feel angry. I feel nothing but contempt for these people," she added.

Vinet said she felt the animals' pain as she videotaped the competition.

"If you take this device and you put it to some piece of metal with paint on it, sparks fly and eats the paint right off the surface. It's painful stuff. It hurts," Vinet said.

Obviously, Vinet is about as clueless as one can get about cattle prods, electricity and rodeos. I have never, never, never seen a bull go wild from a cattle prod. There is hardly any amperage in a cattle prod, therefore it will have little affect on any 2,000 pound bull. Cattle prods are used strictly to move cattle through the gates and chutes. Unbeknownst to Vinet, cattle can be very stubborn and if one stops moving through chutes or being loaded on to cattle trucks, it will stop the cattle moving and cause a huge traffic jam. This can lead to one steer or bull becoming irrate and causing a riot and thus unnecessary injury. Contrary to Animal Right's Activist's insane claims that rodeo livestock are abused, no livestock contractor wants to risk injury or abuse their livestock. The average rodeo bull is worth about $50,000. The cost of maintaining them is expensive. Feed alone for a pen of 20 or 30 bulls can run about $90 per day or about $2,700 per month. Not to mention vet bills. The West Nile Virus vaccination costs well over $80. Times that by 20 or 30 bulls and you got yourself a nice $2,400 vet bill and that doesn't include the trip. The cattle prod will cause the steer or bull to move forward - away from the low jolt. It will never, never cause a bull to "GO WILD". The shock from a cattle prod is equivalent to that of an electric fence made for livestock's pens and paddocks. Those of us real livestock owners know that using an electric fence can be very effective in keeping livestock, especially bulls and stallions, from crashing through fences to get to females in heat. It also prevents unnecessary injury to the bull or stallions whose instinct to breed overrides it's instinct to possible harm by charging through a fence. Also, the legal implications of a bull or stallion running loose can put fear in any livestock contractor as one mistake could cost him his stock. Any one of us who has been around livestock and lives on a ranch or farm has accidentally bumped or run into an electric fence and has been shocked. It is part of owning and caring for livestock. Vinet says it hurts - yeah right, like she has ever been exposed to a cattle prod before and has any right to make these wild claims.

Below is a link to some webpages that explain how cattle prods work. As you will find Pat Vinet is far from being an expert on cattle prods. I just think there is some missing in her life and her obsession with cattle prods in the missing link.

How Cattle Prods Work

To further the point, read the article below about police officers in Miami, Florida that used a Taser Gun to subdue a six year boy who was wielding a piece of glass and threatened to hurt himself at a school in Miami. The Taser gun yielded 50,000 to 60,000 volts. The Taser knocked the six-year-old out and the police were able to stop the child from hurting himself.

Police User Taser Gun on Six Year Old

Here is another article about police using a Taser gun to subdue a naked jogger. Obviously 50,000 to 60,000 volts on a human is okay with Shark Moonbats, but it is not okay to use 5,000 to 6,000 of volts on a bull.

Naked Jogger Tasered, Arrested By Arkansas Police

So you can further see how unbalanced these animal activists are here are some emails that I have received from both Pat "The 5,000 - 6,000 Volt Activist" Vinet and her husband Richard. Forest Gump would be proud:

From: Great Plains <> [Add to Address Book] Flag Message | Mark Unread
[This is spam]
Subject: marilee beauregard response
Date: Nov 11, 2004 8:16 PM
Dear Ms Beauregard:

First it was "egotistical"; now it's "narcissistic".
You seem to be following the "Word Power Made Easy"
technique for improving your vocabulary.

Let me offer you some new vocab. words: "libelous",
"irresponsible", "hysterical", "hubristic",
"self-absorbed" and "actionable." If you'll look
look these up, you will understand what we are
thinking about you.
Richard Vinet
ps: Instead of complaining about us, just post our
emails on your
website. We probably will on ours. r

-----Original Message-----
From: Great Plains <>
Sent: Nov 6, 2004 2:28 PM
Subject: Remove My Name and Email From Your Website


Why so hostile? If you find your own words libelous
to yourself, you shouldn't have hit "SEND." Once you
do that, the message becomes public, and anyone can
read it. The only exceptions are for communications
where there is a privilege of confidentiality-- such
as those to your spouse, lawyer, doctor, or
clergyman. By all means, check this out.

BTW, irresponsible emailing is emerging as a worldwide
problem. I recently heard that there are breathalyzer
devices that can be attached to computers operated by
drinkers. After composing the message, the user blows
into a tube. If the user's blood alcohol is .08 or
higher, the computer won't send out the message. The
idea is simple: if you drink, don't email! If you
are interested in following up on this, perhaps I can
send you a link.

Finally, you evidently don't know the difference
between libel and slander. Try looking them up in the

Pat Vinet

NOTE to Pat "The 5,000 to 6,000 Volt Activist" Vinet: For your edification here is the legal definintion of libel and slander from a legal dictionary - not the 5,000 to 6,000 volt dictionary:

Libel and slander are legal claims for false statements of fact about a person that are printed, broadcast, spoken or otherwise communicated to others.


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