There were many, many people who helped make the Rowell Ranch and the Rowell Ranch Rodeo successful. This page is dedicated to those people who were a part of the Rowell Ranch and to honor their memory.

Below are the names and in some cases pictures of those people. If anyone knows of names to added, please do so by contacting The Harry Rowell Family. Please include name, year(s) if known and what they did - i.e. bronc rider, cowboy, worked in the slaughterhouse, etc.



Perry Ivory, 1940's, Ranch Manager for Harry & Bertha, bronc rider, bareback rider, steer wrestler, calf roper.

Buster Ivory, 1940's, worked for Harry & Bertha as a cowboy, also saddle bronc rider, bareback rider.

Johnny "HorseKiller" Fernandez, lived on the Rowell Ranch most of his life, personal friend of Harry & Bertha and of their descendants, managed the slaughterhouse and cowboyed for the Rowells.

Richard Fernandez, son of Johnny Fernandez. Richard worked for Harry Rowell from 1943 to 1964 when Harry closed the slaughterhouses.

Max Baer, professional boxer, worked for Harry in the slaughterhouse, thus the nickname "The Butcher Boy" from Livermore, California.

Dutch Bartram, Ranch Foreman and top hand on the Rowell Ranch along with Elizabeth Rowell.

John Bartram, employee and well-known cowboy.

Clay Bartram, employee - cowboyed for the Rowells.

Bud Batteate, friend and associate of the Rowells.

Billy Ward, local professional cowboy from Livermore, California and worked riding bucking horses for the Rowells.

Harry Knight - famous saddle bronc rider who rode at Rowells.

Pete Knight - famous saddle bronc rider who was killed at Rowell Rodeo while riding Harry's famous bucking horse, Duster.

The Roddy Family - local ranching family in San Jose and Penisula. Jack Roddy became a World Champion Steer Wrestler.

The Boreo Family - owned the Dublin Hotel and Restaurant in Dublin and participated in the Rowell Ranch rodeos.

Phil Stadtler, long time friend of Harry & Bertha's and participated on the rodeo circuit.

Slim Pickens, rodeo clown and then famous actor - Harry Rowell gave Slim Pickens his nickname

The Lund Family - Walt Lund Sr. built the ranch house located on the Dublin Ranch that still stands today.



Max Baer, The Butcher Boy, John Wayne and Max Baer, Jr. - Jethro from the Beverly Hillbillies Series

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